Never be bored again.

Find new things to do with Shuffle My Life. Discover new places, hobbies, people and more - and track your progress over time. Become more sociable, spontaneous and skilled! All it takes is one swipe left!

  • Hundreds of curated, original Tasks - regularly updated.
  • Intelligently finds the best tasks to do based on your current situation.
  • Extra actions per Task to help you, such as photos, videos, web pages and more.
  • Submit suggestions for Tasks and see them featured in the app!
  • Single and Multiplayer Tasks - new ideas for hanging out with friends!
  • Enable and disable categories to choose the Tasks for you


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Shuffler of the Month

This month's Shuffler of the Month award goes to Twitter user "A3gidiuz". We're in hysterics 😂

News and Updates

Shuffle My Life for iOS – Available Now!

I’m excited to announce that Shuffle My Life is now, finally, available on the App Store!   This is a first release, so bear in mind it does not yet have all the functionality of the Android version. But here’s what it does have: Over 600 Tasks, based on weather, time of day, season and […]

iOS Release Incoming!

Well! Shuffle My Life was, earlier this weekend, submitted to the App Store. Pending the review process, it should be out in a matter of days. I’m so excited about this release and I have big, big plans for the app on both Android and iOS moving forward. I’ll be revealing those plans at a […]

iOS Progress!

For all of you waiting for the iOS release, I’m making good progress! I was originally planning on releasing at the start of July, but I wanted to take a little longer to make sure the app was good quality. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like so far!  

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