Shuffle My Life 3.0 for Android Released!

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This is probably my biggest release yet, and I’m so excited.



Version 3 features a complete overhaul to the entire app, with a stylish new look and feel, with a new interface and bottom navigation. In addition, there’s over 300 new Tasks. Categories have been replaced with Card Packs, where you can get your hands on these extra Tasks. As a bonus and a thank-you, existing Pro users will automatically get the first 3 new Card Packs free. Thank you – your support means the world to me.

Other new stuff:

  • Brand new system of completing Tasks. Now when you complete a Task, it is hidden. You won’t keep seeing the same Task come up that you’ve already done!
  • New aims! The aim of the game is to complete every Task. Like Pokemon Go, you have to ‘Do ’em all’!
  • New Achievements and leaderboard! There was some cheating going on with the old one, and the scoring system didn’t apply to this leaderboard any more.
  • New Ranking system. Everyone’s progress has been reset so it’s an even playing field!
  • You can now suggest Card Packs in addition to Tasks.
  • It now takes slightly longer to complete a Task than before.
  • You can no longer go back to previous Tasks. This is because Save For Later has been moved from a Pro-only feature to one that everyone can enjoy.
  • Updated Help section with more info.
  • Fixed some grammar errors in existing Tasks.
  • View what others have been up to with the #shufflemylife tag on Twitter.
  • Many, many bug fixes.

My next plans include more Card Packs and bringing these features and improvements to the iOS app.

Get it on the Play Store now!


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